Instant UI (Preview)


This action is in preview mode. It might be unstable and functionality might change in the final version.

The Instant UI action creates a NextGen Instant UI app with the defined fields and sends a message with the app's link to your Digital Assistant using the provided Unit4Id. The Unit4 Id (and the current Tenant) must be the ones the target user uses with the Digital Assistant to log in.


This action is used to create a NextGen Instant UI app and send the app's link to a specific user through the Unit4 Digital Assistant. The focus of the app is to ask the user for some information that is missing or needs to be amended. The data sent by the user will be available as part of the output of the action.

Instant UI

The action is configured with a Screen title and an Action required description properties which will show in the Instant UI app to inform the user of the purpose of the app. The Screen title will also be part of the message sent through the Digital Assistant.

Instant UI message

To ensure that a flow does not wait indefinitely for the data and the Instant UI app is available only for the required time, a timeout can be set. Timeout can be defined either in Hours, being 1 hour the minimum accepted value and 168 the highest one, or Days, from 1 to 7 days as valid values.

Unit4 Id can be specified by entering in the desired value, but often is best used in combination with the Unit4Id Resolver action as in the example.

Fields setup

The Fields that will appear in the form are defined in Form definition section. Upon clicking "Add field" button a pop-up to set up the field's settings will appear. Instant UI app These settings are: - Type: The data type for that field. A dropdown list with all different data types allowed: Text input, Text Area (for bigger strings), Display field (read only), Input field number, Input field date (mm/dd/yyyy format), Switch button. - ID: The field's ID that will appear in the action's output. - Label: The name the field will have in the Instant UI form. - Value: Predefined value for that field in Instant UI form. - Mandatory: By enabling this option the field will be set as mandatory in Instant UI form.

Type, ID and Label are mandatory, if they are not populated the field can't be created.

Final action button label allows the user to edit the "Send" button in the Instant UI form

Instant UI app


  "Title": "Test Instant UI",
  "Description": "Test for instant UI action",
  "TimeoutUnit": "hours",
  "TimeoutInHours": "1",
  "Unit4Id": "Pablo de la Cruz Diaz Martos",
  "Fields": [
      "Type": "textInput",
      "Id": "Text_field",
      "Label": "Text Field",
      "Value": "Text",
      "IsMandatory": "True"
      "Type": "textArea",
      "Id": "text_area",
      "Label": "Text area test",
      "Value": "bigger text"
      "Type": "displayField",
      "Id": "display_field",
      "Label": "Display field",
      "Value": "read only",
      "IsMandatory": "True"
      "Type": "inputFieldNumber",
      "Id": "number_field",
      "Label": "Input number"
      "Type": "inputFieldDate",
      "Id": "input_date",
      "Label": "Date field",
      "IsMandatory": "True"
      "Type": "switch",
      "Id": "switch_boolean",
      "Label": "switch"
  "ActionButton": "Send"


The action output has the following two values: - Values: It will contain the data provided by the user in the Instant UI form. - Status: It will contain the final status of the action, which can be completed or expired (timed out).

  "Values": {
    "Text_field": "Text",
    "text_area": "bigger text",
    "display_field": "read only",
    "switch_boolean": true,
    "input_date": "2021-09-18"
  "Status": "completed"