Export Flow

This functionality will generate a pair of JSON files, Template file will contain the definition of the flow and flow-name-sensitive-fields.json file will contain the definition of the sensitive fields for this flow, note that generic tenant parameters are not included, if the flow contains any reference to a global parameter needs to be defined in the new tenant.

Export flow, how to

Export flow, exported flow

Import Flow

This functionality allows the user import new flows using json files.

To import a flow, click the "Import" button in the footer toolbar:

Import flow, how to

A new dialog window will be displayed.

Import flow, dialog overview

This modal has two sections to upload files: - Flow definition (mandatory): JSON file containing the flow definition. - Sensitive fields (optional): JSON file containing sensitive fields of the flow definition.

Import flow, flow definition

Import flow, sensitive fields

Please note that if you are using an exported file, you should edit it replacing the asterisks with the right value and remove the comments.

Here you can see an example of a downloaded sensitive fields file:

  "triggerParameter001": "**********/*Trigger.Config.Password*/",
  "actionParameter001": "**********/*Actions[0].Input.Properties.Password*/"

And the same file with the necessary changes:

  "triggerParameter001": "password1",
  "actionParameter001": "password2"

If the import finishes with success, you should be redirected to the flow details screen.