Welcome to Unit4 People Platform Docs. Here you will find the latest online documentation for all products and services released by the Unit4 People Platform, such as getting started guides, tutorials and developer guides.
Identity Services
Unit4 Identity Services (U4IDS) is a single identity solution and architecture for the Unit4 ecosystem that allows users to have one single identity across multiple applications to provide a single sign-on experience. U4IDS integrates with the organization’s identity solution using industry standard protocols and is shared across Unit4 applications, acting as a common gateway for external authentication.
Extension Kit
The Unit4 Extension Kit (U4EK) is a toolkit for authoring and deploying new capabilities as micro-services, a cloud hosting model, and a declarative way to connect new and existing capabilities together to create new functionality. Focus is high on creating custom self driving experiences across applications.
Wanda Digital Assistant
The Unit4 Wanda digital assistant is a cloud-based service that allows Business World users to use chat messages in Microsoft Teams, Skype or Slack to perform everyday tasks such as absence and travel requests, simple expenses, timesheet entry, basic self-service HR functions and purchase requests.