Tenant Details

Choosing Tenant from the sidebar provides access to the details of the specific tenant you are logged in to.

Before you start

Your permissions are determined by your role in the system:

Fields and Buttons


Tenant Section

Tenant Identifier The unique ID of the tenant.

Tenant Name The name of the tenant.

Tenant Description The description of the tenant.

Company Name The name of company the tenant belongs to.

Allow partial login When checked, it allows users to log in using a partial login.

Domains List of the domain names related to the organization that this tenant is representing. If Allow partial login is checked, users can search tenants by "domain names" at the partial login screen.

Enabled Indicates whether the tenant is enabled or disabled.

Temporary Identity provider Section

The "Temporary Identity provider" section is displayed only if there is an enabled temporary identity provider. The temporary identity provider would appear below this section. Only Owners of administrator tenants have the privilege to perform this tagging. For more details, see Temporary identity provider.

Identity providers Section

When first opening this page, any Identity Provider the tenant might have will be collapsed. To see the information inside an Identity Provider, simply click on a collapsed blue bar. We include a variety of fields, but some may not be applicable for all identity providers as they depend on the protocol.

For more details, see Identity providers.

Identity Provider Identifier The unique ID of the Identity Provider.

Identity Provider Name The name of the Identity Provider.

Authority The metadata address for your external Identity Provider.

Protocol The protocol of the Identity Provider.

Identity Provider registration ID/client ID The registration ID/client ID registered with your Identity Provider for Unit4 Identity Server.

Unit4 identity claim type The claim provided by your identity provider that should map to the unit4_id claim.

Name claim type The claim provided by your Identity Provider that should be mapped to the name claim returned by Unit4 Identity Server.

Include identity scopes in consent Indicates whether the scopes will be included when giving consent to the Identity Provider. Default value is true.

OpenID connect options If these fields have values, they will override the default values for those fields in the access request for this Identity Provider.

Enabled Indicates whether the Identity Provider is enabled or disabled. Default value is true.

Priority Number The number of the priority between the available Identity Providers. The priority determines their order of appearance on the login page. You can change the priority of the identity provider by dragging and dropping. For more details, see Identity provider order number.

Created on The date and time this Identity Provider was created.