Create client

This window provides access to a form for creating one of the following types of clients: - Machine to Machine Clients for ERPx, ERP7 and U4 Financials - U4 Desktop Client for ERP7 - U4 Native Mobile for ERPx and ERP7 - U4 Report Engine for ERPx and ERP7 - PKCE for ERPx and U4 Financials - Implicit for ERP7, U4 Financials and FP&A.

If the Client Identifier matches an existing Client, a number is added to the end of the Client Identifier.

Please note that the ability to create clients is limited to 10 clients per tenant.

After providing all the client information, a window appears displaying a generated secret for Machine to Machine and Native Mobile clients, which is shown to the user only once.

Before you start

Your permissions are determined by your role in the system:

Fields and buttons


Client Name: The name of the specific client.

Client Identifier: The Client Identifier is automatically generated based on the above information, using the following naming convention:


Client Country Code: The country in which the customer is located.
Client Customer Code: A unique code that identifies the customer within Unit4.
Client Environment Type: The environment in which the customer is deployed (e.g., production, development, testing, etc.).
Client Product: The Unit4 product that the customer is using (e.g., ERPx, ERP7, U4 Financials, FP&A).
Client Service Type: The type of service that the customer is using (e.g., API, OAuth2, etc.).
Client Flow: The OAuth2 flow that the client is using (e.g., Machine to Machine, Implicit, PKCE, Hybrid).

A claim is a statement that one resource, such as a person or organization, makes about itself or another resource. Claims are an integral part of client management, allowing for precise control and customization based on the specific needs of different client types. Only Machine to Machine Clients display claims by default:

See Client claims for more information