Unit4 Identity Services as a cloud service

Unit4 Identity Services (U4IDS) is only delivered as a service managed by Unit4. Local installations of U4IDS are not supported by Unit4.

U4IDS is hosted on Azure Platform Services. Unit4 R&D deploys to secure environments managed by Unit4 Cloud Operations. Cloud Operations operates U4IDS instances in most geopolitical regions using high availability configurations, including geo-replication of data and automatic failover of operational sites. New U4IDS Instances are set up by configuring new VSTS deployment definitions. These are configured by Unit4 R&D and Unit4 Cloud Operations in collaboration. Role-based security ensures that only Cloud Engineers have access to IDS environments, and only Software Engineers have access to product source code.

Application configuration in production

Unit4 Cloud Operations will set up IDS instances in a highly secure and available fashion. The application configuration of a production instance will have certain common traits vs an IDS development environment.