Application Insights

Application Insights is a log collection and analysis feature of Azure. It is possible to use graphical representation of collected data, filtering of it and showing data from different time windows.

A set of analysis tools using a special query language is ready to help in monitoring and support of applications.

Serilog sink

As described here for logging U4IDS uses Serilog. It is possible to output the trace information from U4IDS to Application Insights. This feature is turned off by default.

Application Insights Analytics in help to support

You can configure sending trace to Application Insights, users with access to Azure portal can look through the logs using the Application Insights analytic query language described here:

Sample start with Application Insights concerning the U4IDS Sandbox instance

  1. On Azure portal, look for the u4ids-sandbox application insights component, click Overview and then, above in the icon bar Analytics button). For quick access - Application Insights for the U4IDS Sandbox can be found here
  2. Use any of the Basic or Common queries prepared on the screen to begin with, or open a new tab to start writing your own analytics query. You may enter: traces into the New Query that you create and click the GO button (or hit Shift-Enter) to see the results.
  3. If you learn more of the query language syntax then you may go and filter the logs concerning only the ClientId of your interest (below is a sample with client with id '' last 30 results): traces | where message contains "\"ClientId\": \"\"" | top 30 by timestamp desc