A client side .NET library which contains the IDS Data Transfer Objects (DTO). It can be downloaded as NuGet packages from U4.IdentityServices.DTO. It is also a replacement for the deprecated Admin SDK.


Namespace: U4.IdentityServices.DTO

Main classes

Class Description
Client OAuth client
Idp Identity Provider
IdpMetaData IDP Meta data
Scope Scope
ScopeClaims Scope claims
ScopeTitle Scope title
TenantEx Tenant which contains a list of IDPs

Misc classes

Class Description
Audit Used internally by IDS for auditing
CacheCommand Used internally by IDS for triggering cache commands
CurrentUser Stores the current user name and id
Deleted Deleted entities like clients, scopes or tenants
Discovery IDS discovery endpoint
OpenIdConnectOptions OIDC options like response type, scope, post logout endpoint, acr values
NotificationMessageCollection Dictionary for internal use
SdkState Keeps the state like "IsBasicAuthentication", user name, pasword, etc.
Secret Used internally for secret handling
SecretInput Stores for example the secret expiration date
SimpleClient A simple IDS client
ScopeConsentOptions Scope consent options like require consent, link, link description
Tenant Internally used to map the database entity tenant with the DTO tenant object

Enum Types

Namespace: U4.IdentityServices.DTO.Type

Type Values
TAccessToken Jwt, Reference
TAuthenticationFlow Hybrid, HybridWithProofKey, AuthorizationCode
TCrud Create, Reade, Update, Delete
TEntity Client, Scope, Tenant, ClientSecret, ScopeSecret, TenantEx, ScopeTitle, IdpMetaData
TError ConnectionError, HttpError, ObjectNotFound, UnprocessableObject, StatusCodeError, UnexpectedError
TOidcFlow AuthorizationCode, Implicit, Hybrid, ClientCredentials, Custom, AuthorizationCodeWithProofKey, HybridWithProofKey
TPersistedGrant AuthorizationCode, ReferenceToken, RefreshToken, UserConsent, DeviceCode, UserCode
TRefreshTokenExpiration Sliding, Absolute
TRefreshTokenUsage ReUse, OneTimeOnly
TScope Identity, Resource


Class: U4.IdentityServices.DTO.Constants

Fields String values
AdminApiName u4ids-admin
AccessManagementSourceSystem u4ids
SupportedApiVersions v3, v2, v1
Struct Fields representing string values
ApiVersions v1, v2, v3
AuthenticationSchema Bearer, Oidc
CustomGrantTypes ClaimsUpgrade, UserImpersonation
Data IdLength, MinNameLength, NameLength, LanguageLength, UriLength
DefaultValues AbsoluteRefreshTokenLifetime, AccessTokenLifetime, AuthorizationCodeLifetime
IdentityTokenLifetime, SlidingRefreshTokenLifetime, AccessTokenType
RefreshTokenExpiration, RefreshTokenUsage, ScopeType
SecretDescription, ResponseType
GetSecretExpiration DateTime(2099, 12, 31)
ErrorMessages NoSlashesDotsSpaceAllowed, AllowedValueErrorMessage
IdentityServices BaseEndpoint, RevocationEndpoint, TokenEndpoint, WellKnownOidcConfiguration
MediaType JsonContent
Protocol OpenIdConnect, Saml2, WsFederation
StandardScopes Address, Email, OfflineAccess, OpenId, Phone, Profile
ValidationRegularExpressions NoSlashesBackSlashesDotsSpacesAllowed