Unit4 Identity Services release notes

Released June 1st 2018

About this release

This release is version of the Unit4 Identity Services (U4IDS). These release notes contain important information about U4IDS and provides an overview of features included in this release, important information, bug fixes and known issues.

Important: On premise installation of U4IDS is not supported

Unit4 Identity Services is not available as an installable service. Unit4 only provides U4IDS as a multi-tenant cloud service. On premise support was removed from U4IDS in version 1.3.0. Client applications can use IDS as a cloud service even if their application is installed on-premise.

Features included in this release

The following features are included in this release:

Administration Portal

The administration portal allows IDS administrators to configure tenants, scopes and clients with an easy to use graphical interface. The portal is an administrator's tool, and delivered as a micro-service separate from the IDS core system and with a separate release cycle. Version 1.0 of the portal is released at the same time as Identity Services 2.0. The same portal can be used to administer several IDS instances of different versions, but some features like audit history is only available for 2.0 instances and later.

In 2.1.0 the portal has been redesigned.

Administration API v2

Identity Services 2.0 introduced a new administration API. This API was separated from the core service and runs as a micro-service on a separate site. Read more about the portal in the 2.0 release notes.

In 2.1.0 the migration has been improved and powershell tools are available to switch to the v2 admin interfaces on an upgraded IDS.

Administration SDK

A client side .NET library for programmatically configuring IDS was made available at the same time as IDS 2.0. It can be downloaded as NuGet packages from https://packages.u4pp.com/nuget U4.IdentityServices.AdminSdk. This is useful for all services that need self-provisioning features to Identity Services. The library can be used from both .NET Full and .NET Core. The SDK will auto discover what version of the administration API is used by the targeted IDS so programmers can make solutions that are version independent.

In 2.1.0 the Administration SDK has gotten support for maintaining the partial login part and openid connect options.

New Administration PowerShell Commandlets

In 2.0 new and improved PowerShell Commandlets for administering Identity Services has been made available. They can be installed from https://packages.u4pp.com/nuget U4.IdentityServices.PowerShell. The new PowerShell commandlets can be used towards both older versions of IDS as well as 2.0 instances using the secure administration interfaces.

In 2.1.0 the admin powershells have gotten minor updates based on user feedback.

Verified IdPs

This version has been tested and verified with the following IdPs:

Note that this is not an excluding list.

Bugs fixed in this release


Known issues