App Studio credentials


Choose Credentials from the dashboard menu to access the Credentials section.

Credentials menu option

In this area you are able to configure your Credentials used for BASIC and BEARER authentication types in the Resources area of App Studio.

NOTE: A BASIC credential type is available only for a REST Object Resource that has BASIC as authentication type. The same applies for BEARER credential type and BEARER authentication type REST Object Resource.

Credentials area overview

New credential - Basic

You can create and edit multiple credentials for your App. By clicking Add new you are prompted to configure a new set of credentials. If you select type BASIC only a Name (for the credential itself), Username and Password is required.

New credential type basic

New credential - Bearer

If you select type BEARER a Name (for the credential itself), Token endpoint, Client Id, Client secret and Scope is required.

New credential type basic

Edit a credential

You can edit a credential by pressing on the Edit button and then Saving or cancelling your changes. You can also delete permanently a credential by pressing the three dots option button> Delete.

Example of editing and deleting a Credential

NOTE: Modifying the type of a credential may cause functional problems in your resources. Please review the correct behavior of your App when altering a credential being used by one or more resource.