App Studio overview


App Studio is a custom application editor that is accessed from the Extension Kit main menu.

The Dashboard is the first thing you see when you launch App Studio. Here, you can create new apps from scratch or using a template, as well as search for draft and published Apps.

App Studio Overview

The core of App Studio is divided into the following areas:

Inside the Canvas and Resources area you can Save, Preview and Close Apps, and you can also navigate to other areas or log out of App Studio by pressing the Avatar logo.

Example of save, preview, close and account options

Finding Apps

You can easily find Apps on the Dashboard by searching for the App name and/or setting the following filter options:

NOTE: You cannot search for an App using the App Description content.

Supported browsers and screen resolutions

Supported browsers
App Studio works best on the latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

Supported screen resolutions
App Studio requires a minimum screen width of at least 1200px so that the UI can be rendered effectively. Choosing a smaller screen resolution could impair the app building experience and the overall accessibility.