Service limits

Name Limit Comments
Flow state maximum size 80 Mb Flow state: sum of all input and outputs of a flow.
Maximum nº of actions per flow 8000 actions in 5 minutes per flow If the limit is exceeded, the flow is disabled and it can be enabled manually after 1 minute. Note this does not apply to Marketplace flows.
Maximum nº of iterations using a “for each” action 1000 The limit of the nº of iterations may vary according to the size of each iteration.
Maximum nº of iterations in a liquid loop 10000
Parameters maximum number of characters 1024 characters Trying to input or reference data bigger than these limits will take only the first 1024 characters.
Variables maximum size 25 KB Trying to input or reference data bigger than these limits will take only the first 25 Kb.
Action maximum duration* 10 minutes / 5 retries The maximum run time for an action is determined by the set up of two different variables on its Azure function: Timeout and maximum number of retries.
HTTP request maximum timeout 100 seconds
Webhook maximum input size 25 MB If input is bigger than that 413 error (Request Entity Too Large) is returned.
Email sender action limit per month 2.500.000 emails The limit is shared within all the tenants of your region

Note: The Digital Assistant action is excluded since it is intended to manage asynchronous responses from an external service that needs it to “hibernate” until it is called again to continue the execution.

Run Code action limits

Name Limit Comments
Recursion allowed 100 levels of depth Recursive scripts will only be allowed to execute 100 levels of depth
Time limit 5 seconds Execution will last up to 5 seconds
Array size 100K elements Arrays can contain a maximum of 100K elements
Statement number 5K statements Includes variable declarations, conditional blocks, loops, function calls and such
Memory allocation ~10 MB Scripts have up to 10MB of memory to execute