Message Hub Event


The Message Hub Event trigger allows a flow to be initiated when a particular event is published on the Unit4 Message Hub by a specified source system. The triggering event on the MessageHub can be an generic event type, or an Enterprise document.



The following image shows how to configure the Message Hub Event trigger to listen to project document events of version 1.0 published by the u4bw source system.

Message Hub Event Config.


The image above shows the input parameters required to configure the Message Hub Event trigger.

A valid source system name, the message type (generic event vs enterprise document), the event name and its version is required.

For a list of available Enterprise Document types and versions please consult the Unit4 Ontology site.

Note: Additionally TenantId is part of the Input configuration, but it does not need to be provided and will not be displayed, unless the user is logged into the U4EK Administration Portal with the Administration tenant.


The output will be the content of the event message. Typically this will be an Enterprise Document that matches the given event type. For the Tweet travel expenses using Logic Apps sample this will be the TravelExpense Enterprise Document.