XML Parse


XML Parse enables to select and use in the templating system data from an XML output from a previous step, based on the JSON Schema provided.


Configuring XML Parse

XML Parse can be used to reference data from XML content from a previous step by using an XML data source and a JSON Schema that represents it.

The source XML data that will be used must be indicated in the field Source XML. This will be a reference to a previous step field that contains an XML.

A JSON Schema that matches the XML structure must be provided to validate the data and to be used in the next steps. Using the field Schema source, you can define the JSON Schema to be used in two ways: from an existing one through a URL (Link option) or directly create it in a JSON Schema editor (Content option). What is defined in the JSON Schema is what will be available to pick and use in the next steps.

Once the Source XML and Schema source are defined, you can start referencing the XML Parse step in any other subsequent step:

Using XML Parse output in other step

NOTE Currently we only support the draft 4 version of the Json Schema