Choose Credentials from the Main toolbar to access the Credentials section.

Credentials menu option

In this section you can configure your Credentials used for BASIC and BEARER authentication types in the Resources tab of App Studio.

Note: For an HTTP resource, the authentication type and credential type must be the same. For example, in an HTTP resource with BASIC authentication type, only BASIC credential types are available.

Credentials area overview

New credential - Basic

You can create and edit multiple credentials for your app. To create a Basic type credential:

New credential type basic

New credential - Bearer

You can create and edit multiple credentials for your app. To create a Bearer type credential:

New credential type bearer

Use of parameters in credentials

You can use parameters in the following fields when creating a credential:

To use a parameter, you can:

IMPORTANT: You cannot use Liquid operations in any of the credential's fields.

Parameters in credentials Parameters in credentials

Edit and deleting a credential

To edit a credential, select the Edit button and then save or cancel your changes.

To permanently delete a credential, select the three dots menu and then Delete.

Note: Apps using these credentials that are edited or deleted may stop working. Review the correct behaviour of your app when you edit or delete a credential being used by one or more resources.

Edit credentials