SFTP Connections

The SFTP Connections screen allows the user to manage the SFTP connections that will be used in the SFTP actions.

The screen lists the SFTP connections that are currently added to the tenant, showing the following data: Name, host, port, user and default root folder. They can also be deleted by using the "delete" icon.

SFTP Connections screen

Only users with Owner and Contributor roles can manage SFTP connections.

Add new SFTP connection

New SFTP connections can be created using "New connection" button. This will enable a modal that will allow the enter the details of a SFTP connection. There are two authentication options: user+password and user+ssh private key.

Additionally, it is possible to specify a SSH HostKey FingerPrint so the client does an extra validation to check that server finger print matches the one set on the connection details. In case this field is empty the client does not validate the server finger print.

Password Authentication type

After having specified the User, select Password and type your password in the matching field.

SFTP Password Authentication

SSH Private Key Authentication type

After having defined the User, select SSH private key and insert your private key in matching field. You can also add an (Optional) SSH private key passphrase if the matching key requires one.

NOTE: Only OpenSSH formatted keys are allowed. Also make sure that the private key is properly formatted. Missing characters and/or incorrect formatting will result in an error

SFTP SSH Private Key Authentication

The length of the SSH private key data has been reduced to simplify this example