This section in the portal allows the user to know what is happening with their flows and actions.

Metrics menu option

The user can select the month and year in the calendar situated at the left and metrics section shows the statistics of this month. By default, actual month and year is selected.

Calendar metrics

Once the user has selected month and year three panels will be displayed on the screen showing different information.

Metrics panels

The panel to the left defines the general situation of the flows, just total flows, active flows and disabled flows and the chart shows the percentage of active and disabled flows. If the user hovers the mouse over the chart, the number of every type is showed.

Flows panel

The panel with the title "Number of actions run" defines the situation of the actions. The user can see the number of started actions and below it, succeeded actions, failed actions, running actions and skipped actions, with its appropriate chart

Action run panel

Finally, the panel with the title "Flows completed" shows the number of started flows and below it, the number of those that have been finish with succeed, fail, that are still running or that have been aborted.

Flows completed panel