Creating an App

You can create an App by selecting Create new App or by using a suitable starting template as a starting point. You can create Apps with up to five screens, and define the navigation and transition between each screen.

Extension Kit and App Studio

When you create a new App you must enter a name and an optional description for your App.

New App creation menu

When you click Create the App opens in the Canvas and you can start editing it.

Creating a multi-screen App

To add other screens to your App click the pencil icon in the App header to open Edit Apps screens.

Edit Apps screens

Once you have added your screens their names appear in the header of your App, for example:

Screen headings

When editing a screen, undoing and redoing an edit is done in that sceen. If an error occurs it is highlighted on the corresponding screen in the Canvas.

Defining navigation

To define the navigation between the screens you add buttons to the screens and define a Click event with Change Screen actions for each button.

Change screen action

Deleting a screen

To delete a screen, click on the pencil icon and click the trash icon for the screen you want to delete. The main screen cannot be deleted.

Once you delete a screen you cannot revert it, and you must verify and update the navigation between the existing screens as required.