Configure a Flow resource

This example shows how to configure an app where the user can:

Button component

Configure the flow

To configure a flow that can be triggered from App Studio, follow these steps:

  1. Select My flows entry from the Extension Kit's portal left menu.
  2. Select the New flow button.
  3. Select the App trigger from the right Trigger menu under the Flow assistant, and configure:
    • Input Schema: For this example, use the Generate by JSON button and enter this JSON: {"email":""}. This generates the following schema for the expected input:
      JSON app trigger
  4. Add the first action by selecting the Action step from the flow's roadmap and choose the Unit4id Resolver action from the right Action menu under the Action assistant. Configure:
    • Email: Select the Plus (+) button and choose the desired output from the trigger. For this example{{}}.
  5. Add the second action by selecting the Add new action button from the flow's roadmap and choose the App Result action from the right menu. Configure:
    • Result with: Display the right dropdown and select success.

      Note: You can also use the Add filter option from the flow's roadmap to return failure or success depending on the action's output.

    • Content: Enter a JSON with the action's output that you want to send to your app. For this example {"unit4Id":"{{step1.unit4Id}}"}.

      Note: You can use the Plus (+) button to help you navigate through the different steps and outputs of your flow.

  6. Name your flow by using the Pencil icon above the flow's roadmap. For this example: 'Get Unit 4 ID'.
  7. Select the Save flow button.

Get id flow

Note: You can also create the flow using the Create flow button in the Flow resource in App Studio.

Configure the app

To start:

  1. Select My Apps from the Extension Kit main menu.
  2. Select the Create new app button and name your app.
  3. Select the Create button.

Create an app

Configure the resource

Go to the Resources tab and configure your resource:


  1. Select the Plus (+) button on top of the left panel to create a new resource.
  2. Select the new resource on the left panel.
  3. Select the Pencil icon to change the name to 'Get Id'.
  4. Select Flow from the Type menu on the right and configure:

    1. Configuration section:

      • Flow: Open the dropdown and select the flow previously created flow. For this example: 'Get Unit 4 ID'.
    2. Content definition section:

      • Content: Enter a JSON that defines the information you want to send to the flow. In this case we are sending the user's email so we enter this JSON: {"email":"{{usersemail.value}}"}. You can use the Plus (+) button to help you navigate through your component's outputs.

      plus button

    3. Templating schema section:

      • Schema: Select the Generate by JSON button and copy the JSON used in the Content property of the App result action of the previously configured flow, to obtain the correct schema. For this example:{"unit4Id":"{{step1.unit4Id}}"}

    Generate by JSON

Configure the components

Go to the Canvas tab and design your app:

App in canvas

App in canvas with components

Configure the Text input component

In this example we configure the component for the user to enter an email, as follows:

Configure the Text component

In this example we configure the component to display the user's ID, as follows:

Configure the Button component

In this example we configure the component as follows:

You can see the final result in the following image:

App in canvas

Note: See Components and events and actions for more details.

Finally, after configuring the flow, the app and the resource, select the Save draft button and preview you app.