Flow history

A quick overview of a flow's history can be seen in the flow list section as a histogram component. This histogram will represent the time that the flow needed to execute and each bar can be filled with three diffent colors: Blue (In progress), Red (Failed), Green (Succeeded).

History in flow list

Exploring history

We have two ways of accessing the history section: 1. Using the history button in th flow list 1. Via the history step in the flow detail section

How to access flow history from flow list

How to access flow history from flow detail

In the history section we can see all the executions of a given flow with a brief summary telling the state of the execution (depending on the state an icon will be shown), when it started and the time elapsed.

History overview

History overview can be refreshed by clicking to refresh button

History overview, refresh list

Further information can be seen by clicking to a specific execution in the list.

In the detail, all the information related to each step execution can be seen.

History overview, execution detail

Input and output data can be copied to emulate the execution of the flow.

History overview, execution detail data

Data expiration

The data is available only for 90 days after a flow is executed, displayed in the History section. After 90 days have passed, the data will be completely removed from the system.

Clear history

The flow history section allows to clear all the history executions. The clear history button is available in the menu, at the right side of the Refresh history button.

Clear history button

A dialog will appear asking for confirmation.

Clear history dialog