JSON Parse


The JSON Parse action processes incoming JSON data by parsing it and interpreting it according to a defined schema. This structuring allows the data to be easily processed and manipulated by subsequent actions in the flow.

During the execution of a flow, unstructured JSON data can be received from triggers and actions, for example, from the output of a Webhook trigger, or from the request body content of the output of an HTTP Request action. This data, or part of it, can be provided to subsequent steps in the flow. Without parsing and structuring, creating the correct data referencing templates for use in later actions can be more difficult.


You define the JSON schema to be used in the Schema source field. You have the following options:

Note: Currently the draft 4 version of the JSON Schema is supported.

You must also specify the content source in the Source JSON field, which should be the output, or a property of the output, from a trigger or action previously defined in the flow.

JSON Parse Usage

When this is done, the flow designer is then able to interpret and structure the data to provide more details, and to allow you to reference specific parts of the data, for example:

Structured data