Change an app location in ERPx

This example shows how to move a published app from the Start pages section in the Your employment module, where is published by default, to another chosen location.

To move the app, follow these steps:

  1. Create an app.
  2. Publish the app. See publishing and versioning for more details. Your app appears in the Your employment module, inside the Start pages section. App in folder

    Note: If your app does not appear, check that you have granted the necessary access rights in the Menu access window.

  3. Go to the Custom menu items window, located in the Common module inside the System setup section. You can also use the top-right search bar. Navigation path

  4. Expand the Home menu.
  5. Expand the Your employment menu to find your app. App in tree
  6. Select your app by clicking or tapping on it. Selected app
  7. Find in the tree menu where you want to place your app.
  8. Select an item inside the chosen folder. For this example: folder Your development, item Course catalogue.
  9. Right-click and choose the preferred option. For this example, Place below. Right-click menu
  10. Select the Refresh button in the top-right corner to see the changes. App in new folder