When you launch App Studio, the Dashboard allows you to create new apps from scratch, as well as search for draft and published apps.

App Studio Overview

App options

From the apps displayed in the Dashboard, you have the following options for an unpublished app, a published Standalone app and a Business screen app published to ERPx.

Available dashboard options for draft app Available dashboard options for published app Available dashboard options for published app

The available options are:

Search apps

You can search for apps on the Dashboard by name and/or setting the following filter options:

Note: You cannot search for an app using the App description content.

Supported browsers and screen resolutions

Supported browsers
App Studio works best on browsers based on Chromium or Webkit, such as the latest versions of Chrome, Edge or Firefox.

Supported screen resolutions
App Studio requires a minimum screen width of at least 1200px so that the UI can be rendered effectively. Choosing a smaller screen resolution could impair the app building experience and the overall accessibility.