Create an ERP7 service account for Message Hub communications

Note: The procedure to create a service account is only necessary for Unit4 ERP7. No configuration is required for ERPx.

  1. Create a standard user in the User master file (TAG064) window. We recommended using a self-explanatory name and ID, for example, WSUSER, to easily distinguish this user from the other users to ease troubleshooting. The following settings are mandatory:

    • In the User tab:
      • The fields Administrator or Menu access must be left cleared.
    • In the Role and company tab:
      • Super/System role should be assigned, or if using different role-based access, assign a role that provides access to objects and the public web APIs.
    • In the Security tab:
      • Password never expires must be selected.
      • This user must not have a Unit4 ID value.
      • The default Logon company must be set.
  2. Go to the Web service accounts (TAG200) window and create the same user here with basic authentication (name, ID, and password must be the same, and is also case sensitive):


    Make sure that Authentication type is set to Basic authentication, otherwise "Unauthorized" messages will appear in the logs.

  3. In the Object access (XAG002) window confirm that the user has access to all objects. If not, then assign Read access to all objects by applying it to the Root node.

    XAG002 4. In the Public API access (XAG005) window confirm that the user has access to the Objects API. XAG005

Important: If the WSUSER does not have enough access rights, communication will not work correctly.