Tenants Administration

What is a tenant?

A tenant is a unit that represents an organization in the system. Extension Kit allows to register as many tenants (organizations) as needed using the access management API.

Admin tenant

Among all tenants, the admin tenant has special privileges throughout the system. Extensions and other tenants can be managed using the admin tenant.

You can find all the registered tenants of the system in the tenants overview section.

Options available:

Tenants overview

Adding/Editing a tenant

When a user clicks the "Add tenant" button or clicks a row in the list, a dialog will appear asking for the following information:

Property Value
Name Descriptive name of the tenant.
Short name (alias) Short and unique name.
Tenant Id Id of the tenant to create.
Logo URL URL that points to an image to be rendered as part of the tenant information.
Status Status can be either active or parked.

Tenants overview

Tenants overview