Editing flows

Flow overview

You can edit an existing flow by clicking on it from the list of flows.

Home page, click edit button

This opens the flow showing the various actions in the flow and allows you to edit all its properties. An overview section lets you see information about the flow, and a summary of the actions involved in it along with the last changes made.

The bottom toolbar will display the following options:

Edit flow, overview

Editing actions

You can rearrange the order of the flow by dragging and dropping actions up and down the flow execution sequence within the flow map.

To edit an action, click on the action to open its properties, as shown in the example below.

Edit action

Here you can edit the various properties, change the action or delete the action.

Setting a flow to continue on error in action

There may be cases where you want your flow to continue if an action fails and you can set this by opening the action and clicking on the gear icon to open the action configuration options Action configuration

and enabling Continue on error.

Continue on error

Note that the Continue on error option is not available for the actions For each, Pause, Stop Execution and Until.

The flow history shows any actions that failed and the flow continued to run.