Tenant parameters

This section allows users with Owner role to define, and maintain, specific parameters for the tenant. These parameters can be referred to in any action of any flows, so the preset values will be included in runtime

Adding a new parameter

When clicking on the New parameter button a pop up window will appear with the values to be configured. Field Name will set the parameter's name that will be used for reference it. Field Value will define the standard value that will be inserted in the flows. Saving it will add the parameter to the list

Create parameter

Sensitive data

This button can be switched on/off, if enabled, the parameter's value will be hidden after creating it.

Parameters sensitive

Editing parameters

Parameters' value can be edited at any time, when clicking an existing parameter the pop up will display the current parameter's configuration, Value field can be modified even if Sensitive data button is enabled.

Parameters edit


Once the parameter has been defined, it can be referenced at any Action of the flow. Either by using {{parameters:'name'}} or by selecting it from the dropdown list using + icon at the right side of the field, once selected parameter's reference will be automatically added.

Parameters use


    "StopWith": "Success",
    "Summary": "'value'\n\nInclude 'value' in the middle of the message"

Deleting parameters

Parameters can be deleted by using the bin icon on the right side of the list. This action can't be undone.