The user can optionally define filters determining if a flow should continue to run (filter), or if an subsequent action should run (condition).


To add a filter or condition just click the Add filter or condition button in the flow map:

Add flow, add filter

After clicking the Add filter button the Set filter section will appear. The flow map will be updated to present text Continue if: ..., where the dots eventually will be replaced with the actual filter value:

Add flow, filter overview

Suggestions will be added to the Parameter field depending of the output of previous steps.

Add flow, filtering: suggestions

New filter lines can be added by selecting the Add new button, and checked filter lines can be removed by clicking the Delete button below the filter.

Add flow, filtering: add and remove line

If one filter line is checked, the Add new button changes to Insert new at, and a new filter line can be inserted right below the checked line:

Add flow, filtering: insert filter line

Logical operators And/Or with negation can be set on each individual filter line, with a short summary showing the complete filter expression below. The summary does not include the actual filter line expression values.

Add flow, filtering: logical operators

When adjacent ungrouped filters lines are checked, the Group button is enabled, and the lines can be logically grouped together. The logical operator of the first filter line within the group defines the group operator. Groups can also be negated.

Add flow, filtering: grouping

The filter can be completely removed by clicking the Delete filter button in header of the section.


Conditions are defined in the same way as filters. The flow map is updated to show text Run action when: ... when a condition is defined for the action.

Add flow, conditions section

Flow map and overview

When a filter and/or condition expression is defined before an action, the flow map will be updated to show these expressions. Only the first three lines of an expression is shown:

Add flow, filter map

The flow overview shows the entire set of expression lines, with indentation on grouped filter lines:

Add flow, filter overview