JSON to XML enables to convert a given JSON input into an XML output.


Configuring JSON to XML

JSON to XML can be used to convert JSON data from a previous step into an XML output. The source JSON data must be provided in the JSON Content field. This can be a reference to the JSON provided in a previous step, as shown above, or the JSON data inline, as shown below.

Json To Xml Config Content From Body

Additionally, a JSON source must be provided in two different ways:

Json To Xml Config Link

Once the JSON source and JSON content or JSON source URL are defined and the action executed, the output will be inside a property called XmlContent as a string value, ready to be used in next steps.

JSON to XML output JSON to XML reference

NOTE When the JSON source string is an array, that is, preceded by no property, the output XML uses ArrayList tag to wrap the array and for each element, it uses the Item tag, as shown below.

JSON to XML output based on a JSON array

NOTE When the JSON source string is an object, the output XML uses the Root tag to wrap the entire XML string.

Json To Xml Output Object