Basic layout components

There are three basic Layout components used to layout and align content:

Container component

Containers are the most basic layout component and are used to contain or group different components within a section. The component:

Row component

Rows must be placed within a container to:

Column component

Columns must always be placed inside rows. The component:

Basic layout components

Note: See how to edit an app for more details on how to start editing an app with these components.


The Row and Column components have no properties. The following Container component properties are available:


Property Description
Fluid Select the checkbox to make the container cover the full width of the browser window, even if resized, with no margins on the left or right side.


Property Description
Hidden Select the checkbox to hide the component in the end-user app. You can set rules to hide the component using Liquid. The rules are available only when hiding the component with the checkbox, not when hiding the component from the canvas with the Eye icon in the Layers panel.

Note: See add rules to trigger properties for more details on how to set rules to the property.