Create a flow

To create a flow simply click the New flow button in the footer toolbar:

Add flow, how to

A new page appears containing three sections:

Add flow first window

Name your flow

You must give your flow a name before you can save it. Enter a name in the area at the top of the section on the left side after you have started to create a new flow. Consider a good descriptive name as this will be its identifier inside the portal after you save it.

Note: You must follow the naming convention for the flows created in Preview and Production environments as shown in the example below:


Flow naming convention

Example flow name



You can use the Flow assistant or create a new flow selecting what type of trigger to use. Your choice of trigger defines what will start your flow.

When you select the Trigger node the following window appears where you select the trigger type.

Add flow, trigger overview

Note: System administrators can add more triggers than the ones shown here.

To create a trigger, first select the type of trigger and then configure it by entering the relevant properties. These are dynamic and will differ according to the type of trigger you configure.

Note: You can go back and change the trigger type after having entered the configuration section using Change trigger in the upper right corner.

Add flow, trigger configuration

When all the required information is provided the Trigger step is marked with a green checkmark in the section on the left.

Add flow, trigger configuration completed


Action steps

The action section is divided into three steps, Action assistant, action selection and configuration of the selected action.

You can navigate between these sections at any time if you decide to change the action to be used.

Add flow, action overview

Preview Action assistant

A new feature Action assistant is available on preview environments. This feature aims to simply the process of creating actions by using AI and natural language processing to create an action based on a textual description of the action.

For more details, see Action assistant.

Action configuration

The action configuration section shows all the required fields needed to set up the action.

If you need to use some data from the input, you add the input name inside double curly braces (for example, {{Step0:SomeData}}). When the focus is lost from the input, these input data fields are rendered as chips. If the specified input is already known it is light blue, otherwise it is dark blue.

Additionally, suggestions are added depending of the output of previous steps so you do not need to remember the structure of the input data.

Add flow, action definition


This section provides a summary of everything you have configured during the flow creation process:

Add flow, overview filter summary

The Overview section shows:

You can only save a flow if the name, trigger and all actions are properly defined.

Rename action name

At any time, an action name can be changed. When you add a new action, a default name is set. To change it, click on the name, write the custom name and select Save flow to save the changes.

Rename action, selected input

The custom labels are then displayed in the Overview section.

Exiting flow creation

If you decide to leave the creation process, click the Cancel button and a confirmation window appears prompting you to leave the process.

Add flow, cancel process confirmation

Extra data

If the triggers generate extra data for the flow to be run you are notified after saving the flow and the extra data is shown in the overview.

Add flow, extra data