Digital Assistant Question (v1)

Digital Assistant Chat


This action sends a question to your Digital Assistant using the provided Unit4Id. The Unit4 Id (and the current Tenant) must be the ones the target user uses with the Digital Assistant to log in.

NOTE: TenantId is part of the configuration, but it does not need to be provided and will not be displayed, unless the user is logged into the U4EK Administration Portal with the Administration tenant.


This action is used to send a question to a specific user through the Unit4 Digital Assistant. The user's answer will be made available as a part of the action's output. The action output also contains a value indicating the status of the action execution. This status can be used to check if the action was able to obtain an answer, or if the action timed out or was abandoned by the user.

Digital Assistant Question

The action is configured with the expected data type for answer. The Unit4 Digital Assistant will make sure that the answer conforms to the expected data type. The action can also be configured with a confimation text, this message will be part of the conversation in the Digital Assistant.

Multiple Digital Assistant Question actions can be combined in a flow. Together with the the Digital Assistant Push Text action an advanced conversation flow can be designed.

The Unit4 Id can be specified by entering in the desired value, but often is best used in combination with the Unit4Id Resolver action as in our example.

## Output

The action output has the following two values: - Answer: It will contain the value of the response provided in the Digital Assistant. - Status: It will contain the final status of the question in the Digital Assistant, which can be cancelled, completed or expired (timed out).

Digital Assistant Question Output