Publishing and versioning

About versioning

When you first create an app it has draft status and it is not assigned a version number until you publish it. When you publish it for the first time, it is assigned version number 1 and each time you publish it afterwards the version number is incremented by one.

You can revert to a previously published version by directly publishing it, and this will replace the current published version.

Apps that have never been published are in draft mode and have no version number assigned.

Publishing an app

Once your app is ready to publish, you can publish it as a standalone app by selecting Publish from the app options menu to open the Publish new version window.

Publishing and App

When you click Publish, the following window appears showing the published standalone app's URL along with the option to create a menu entry in ERPx.

App succesfully published window

Creating a menu entry in ERPx

Once you have published your app, you can create a menu entry in ERPx as follows:

  1. Open the info window for your app and select Create ERPx entry.

    ERPx menu entry

  2. Enter the menu item description to appear in the ERPx menu.

  3. Click Create entry and the newly created menu item is placed under the Your employment in ERPx.

  4. Open ERPx go to the Menu access window and grant the necessary access rights to your app.

    Grant menu access

  5. If you want to move the menu item from Your employment to another place in the main menu, open the Custom menu items window and move the menu item to the desired place in the main menu. See how to change an app location in ERPx for more details.

Modifying an already published App

You can modify an app that is already published without having to unpublish it as follows:

  1. Open the app in the Canvas.
  2. Make your edits as required.
  3. Choose Save draft to save your changes or Publish to publish your draft and give it a version number.

If you save the draft in a published app and close it without publishing, the changes remain as draft until you publish it.

Viewing published versions

To view the published versions of your app, select View all versions from the three dots menu in the bottom-right corner of your app, to open the Versions window as shown below:

View App versions

Here you can:

Export from dashboard