Extension Kit Portal

In the Extension Kit Portal you can monitor all active flows, edit them and create new ones. The portal also includes administrative possibilities as user and tenant management as well as trigger and action setup and configuration. A user's role will determine what rights and privileges it has.

Who can use it?

Any registered user can use the Extension Kit portal and their access rights depend on their role.

There are three different roles:

Role Read flows Troubleshoot Create Edit Add users Manage rights
Reader X X
Contributor X X X X
Owner X X X X X X

For more information, see users guide

The Portal is secured by IDS, and supports single sign-on. This way users do not need specific accounts for using Extensions Kit. They only need to be registered in the system.

For more technical details about how to access Extensions Kit Portal, see this guide.

How to add a customer (tenant)?

New tenants can be added by a system administrator using the Tenants section found in the Portal menu.

Tenant owners can invite users and anyone can request access. Was: Users in a specific tenant can be added by invitation (sent by tenant owner) or requesting access by themselves.

For more information see access management section.

What can be done?

Read flows

The home screen lists all the active flows and contain useful information at a glance.

For more information, go to guide

Add Flows

New flows can be created by the flow creator wizard.

For more information, go to guide

Edit Flows

Existing flows can be edited to improved them at any moment.

For more information, go to guide

Flows history and troubleshooting

Flow execution history can be queried from the portal in order to be able to debug errors in the configuration or the services in flows.

For more information, go to guide

Tenant parameters

You can manage (add, edit, delete) and inspect tenant specific parameters that will be available for use throughout other steps in your flows.

For more information, go to guide

Access management

Additionally, EK portal allows to manage tenants and users that works in the system.


Tenants represents organizations and can be registered and managed by administrators in EK portal.

For more information, go to guide


Users in each tenant can be granted and managed by tenant owners in portal