PGP Decrypt (Preview)


This action is in preview mode. Functionality might change in the final version.

The Decrypt action allows a Flow to perform a PGP decryption on a string of ciphertext. There is also the option to verify the signature for additional authentication.

PGP Decrypt basic configuration


The Decrypt action converts ciphertext back to plaintext. This makes it possible to retrieve previously encrypted data.

  1. Insert ciphertext data inside file content (you can also insert data referring to a previous step by clicking the add [+] button)
  2. Insert the matching public and private PGP key (received from a third party service or one that you have previously generated)
  3. (Optional) If the private key is protected, you must provide the passphrase

Signature (optional)

The signature verification authenticates the user by validating the signature using the public PGP key of the message signer.

PGP Decrypt Signature

You can Insert a Signature public key by clicking on the corresponding drop down panel.