Range slider


The Range slider component allows App users to provide ratings based on a configured range.


When the Range slider component is added to your App, the user is able to provide a rating by clicking on the selector and sliding it to the left and right to set the value.

Range slider


The following Range slider properties are available:


Property Description
Template ID The unique ID of the component.
Label The label that gets displayed as the range slider header.
Description A description that gets displayed above the range slider.
Min. range value Sets the minimum range value.
Max. range value Sets the maximum range value.
Step size Sets the gap between the steps in your configured range.
Default value Sets which value the range selector appears on as default. This must be one of the allowed steps based on the selected max, min and size.


Property Description
Show tooltip Sets if a tooltip is shown for each mark in the defined range showing the selected value. The tooltip shows the numerical value of the selected point.
Show marks Shows a mark for each point in the defined range.
Step indicator Is available when Show marks is enabled and sets the style of the step indicator to be ticks only, numbers or custom. Custom lets you define a custom label for each marker in your range.


This section is available when Step indicator is set to Custom. Here you can add and delete marks as required, and for each mark you must define:

Property Description
Label The custom label to be shown for the mark.
Value The step position of the mark and its label (must be an integer).


Property Description
Hidden Sets if the component is hidden under certain conditions as defined in Hidden rule.
Disabled Sets if the component appears disabled under certain conditions as defined in Disabled rule.
Read only Sets if the component appears as read only under certain conditions as defined in Read only rule.